story told by Alberto VilloldoAlberto Villoldo onderzocht als antropoloog de healing praktijken van de Inca shamanen. Om dat werk verder te verspreiden heeft hij “The Four Winds Society” opgericht. Toon heeft in 2007/2008 een 2-jarige opleiding bij hem gevolgd. Dit verhaal van Alberto willen we jullie niet onthouden.

A story told by Alberto Villoldo:


I wanted to share a story with you about a time when I was sitting around a fire at the Earth Temple in Moray. The sun had just fallen, our camp was set, and the thermometer was plummeting in the high altitude. It was here a discussion began with Don Manuel about following one’s mind or heart.


If you don’t recognize his name, Don Manuel Quispe was one of the great Andean shamans. I had discovered him in a 1962 National Geographic magazine article where he had been interviewed as part of a feature on Inka villages at 16,000 feet altitude.


He was a quipu-camayok, one of the last known readers of the quipu, a ring of colored knotted strings on which the accounting of the Inka Empire was kept. And he remembered the stories of when time was young, of when the children of the light first came from Lake Titicaca, the Sea on Top of the World─and he became a mentor to me.


“I know that you like the brain,” Don Manuel said to me.


“Yes, I do happen to like my brain,” I replied.


He knew I had a small research lab at the brain center at San Francisco State University.


“The brain is not where it is at,” he said. “It’s the heart. The brain will get you in trouble nine out of ten times, whereas the heart will always lead you true. The soul is in the heart, not in the head.”


He continued, “I know that you have held a brain in the palm of your hand, but have you ever held a beating heart? It continues to beat, even when you remove it from the body.”


“How do you know?” I asked.


“Chickens,” he replied.


“I mean about the soul being in the heart,” I said.


“When the soul rests in the heart you love without conditions, without the ‘ifs’ we barter love with. The brain is fine to navigate through life, but do not make it your destination.”


En daar sluiten wij ons graag bij aan: laten we de wereld tegemoet treden met een open liefdevolle hart en elkaar als mens op zijn minst zien staan. Er gewoon voor die ander zijn, zonder dat je direct het gevoel krijgt dat je iets moet doen.


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